About Kathy

Senator Kathy Nossel Klausmeier has deep roots in Baltimore County—she grew up and raised her family here. Her husband owns and operates Klausmeier & Sons Auto Repair, and her daughter is a local school teacher. That’s why Kathy works so hard to make Baltimore County a safer place to live and raise a family, always putting our community’s needs first and working for us.


While Kathy has been working for all of us in the legislature for years, she’s not a career politician.  For thirty years, Kathy worked as a Child-Life Coordinator in the Pediatric Department of St. Joseph Medical Center. Her commitment to bettering the lives of our children is what sparked her life of public service—when she became the president of the PTA for Gunpowder Elementary.


A bipartisan leader, Kathy has shown time and again that she’s willing to work across the aisle with any elected official to get the job done. She knows that to be effective you have to work with everyone—that’s why she’s repeatedly voted against tax increases and supported efforts by Governor Hogan to create jobs and reduce out of pocket health care expenses.


When it comes to keeping us safe, Kathy prioritizes strong, effective action. She passed the Maryland Safe to Learn Act, a landmark piece of legislation that will help us guard our schools against gun violence. She has also worked to get police officers the resources they need to keep our community safe, and worked with the Governor to pass legislation to help curb the opioid epidemic. Kathy is truly from our community and is prioritizing our well-being in the State Senate.  The Governor also appointed her to his Heroin and Opioid Emergency Task Force.  


In the Senate, Kathy has time and again worked to bring real solutions to Baltimore County. We can trust her to keep fighting for us and putting Baltimore County first.